AKAH diržas ginklui iš Elnio odos su greitu nuėmimu

Aukščiausios kokybės diržams ginklui, net žinomiausio brendo ginklų gamintojai parduoda šiuos diržus su išsiuvinėtais savo logotipais. Aukščiausia kokybė.


Į norų sąrašą

The hand-sewn AKAH rifle sling made of brown elk leather impresses with its classic, elegant design! It is edged with black cowhide nappa, padded with non-slip foam rubber and has the practical AKAH „Blitz” strap button. Just pull the button up and push it in again and it makes a „click” and your weapon is bombproof. The „Blitz-Riemenknopf” is THE ultimate, practical solution for attaching and loosening the rifle sling in a flash.

Width: 50 mm (in the carrying area) | Length: 105 cm

Elk leather: AKAH elk leather comes exclusively from Finland from wild elk and is ecologically tanned. Here the natural skin scratches and small injuries to the animal were not „sprayed over” with paint. The whole life story of a moose that lives in the wilderness of the far north is reflected in its leather skin. Our hand saddlers have mastered the fine art of incorporating these natural small changes in the skin into the product.

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