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TheWork Sharp Benchtop Pre cision Adjust is a high-performance sharpening system that uses a diamond-ceramic sharpening rod, a rotating vise to hold the knife, and a guide with precise sharpening angle adjustment from 15° to 30°. The Work Sharp Benchtop Precision Adjust makes sharpening edc, kitchen and outdoor knives faster, easier and more precise than ever.

Features of the sharpener:
Wide range of sharpening angle: 15-30°,
precise adjustment in 1° increments,
Rotating vise for knife mounting,
sharpening block with 3 abrasive surfaces,
guide with rubber range of motion limiter,
guide mounted on ball hitch.
The main idea of modern sharpening systems is to maintain a repeatable sharpening angle between the whetstone and the edge of the blade. The sharpening system eliminates a lot of human error and dramatically reduces the time needed to repair the cutting edge and learn the correct sharpening technique.
The Work Sharp Benchtop Precision Adjust allows even the untrained user to obtain a razor-sharp edge in a quick, repeatable and provocative manner.

The Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener is an adjustable-angle sharpening system with three abrasive surfaces, distinguished by its precision and ease of use. The sharpening angle can be adjusted from 15 ° to 30 ° with an accuracy of 1 °, making it possible to sharpen kitchen, everyday and outdoor knives. The Tri-Brasive sharpening module uses 2 diamond plates of 320 and 600 gradation to quickly repair the cutting edge, and a fine ceramic stone for polishing. The vise’s swivel design holds the knife stably and securely while sharpening, and allows the user to sharpen two edges without removing the knife, as is the case with most popular sharpening systems.

Lightweight design
The Work Sharp Benchtop Precision Adjust sharpening system consists of a polymer base, a detachable frame with a sharpening angle adjustment system, and a Tri-Brasive sharpening block with an integrated guide. The base’s non-slip feet allow the sharpener to be placed stably on a workbench, table or desk. The lightweight and modular design makes the system quick to disassemble, and conveniently portable when needed.

Infinitely adjustable angle
The biggest advantage of the Work Sharp Precision Adjust system is its impressive sharpening angle adjustment from 15° to 30°. Unlike systems that only have a few settings with an approximate angle, the Work Sharp Precision Adjust system has a smooth sharpening angle adjustment with an accuracy of 1°. Clear graduations and a large dial make adjustment precise, convenient and fast.

Suggested sharpening angle setting:
15° – filleting knives, kitchen knives,
20°- edc knives, pocket knives,
25° – large edc folders, hunting knives, outdoor knives,
30° – survival knives, heavy duty tools.
Safe knife handle
The V Block Clamp is designed to seat the knife in a stable and secure way. The rubberized jaws of the vise further prevent the blade from slipping and protect the blade from scratching. No tools are needed to open or lock the clamp, as a convenient mothballed ring is used for this purpose. The rotating design of the vise not only holds the knife stably and securely while sharpening, it also allows you to sharpen two edges without removing the knife. The V Block Clamp works in a 180° range, so that when you press the locking button, you can rotate the vise with the knife mounted and start the process of grinding the other side of the blade without additional steps. The vise has a magnetic mounting, so its seating in the base is simple and convenient.

Tri-Brasive sharpening module
The Work Sharp Benchtop Precision Adjust uses a Tri-Brasive rotary sharpening block with an integrated guide. The Tri-Brasive module has 3 abrasive surfaces: 2 diamond plates of 320 and 600 gradation for repair and proper sharpening, and a fine ceramic stone for polishing and quick sharpening. The 320-grade diamond plate is designed for re-profiling and repairing a severely dulled cutting edge. The 600-grit plate is used for coarse or proper sharpening, depending on the degree of damage/dullness of the cutting edge.

The ceramic stone of high gradation complements the diamond plates, as with its help we can polish the edge to the proverbial razor sharpness and sharpen the knife regularly.

Diamond sharpeners allow us to sharpen knives with a high degree of hardening, such as CPM-S30V, M390, D2, etc. Diamond is a harder material than sintered carbide, so the sharpening process is much faster and easier, but note that a diamond whetstone grinds steel more intensively.

Thoughtful details
The steel guide of the sharpening block is finished with a ball joint, which ensures that the angle is kept constant and the sharpening is smooth. The guide attaches magnetically without the need for additional tools. The extension range of the guide can be adjusted according to the size of the blade using rubberized rings.

Stabilizer to increase the rigidity of the structure during sharpening
Thanks to user prompts, Kolba has designed an adjustable Work Sharp Precision Adjust arrow rest that stabilizes and stiffens the arm. By increasing the stability of the knife handle, we can maintain a constant sharpening angle and precisely grind the cutting edge without unnecessary corrections.

When designing the Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener stabilizer, we focused on the essential 3 aspects: simplicity of design, functionality and durability. The support consists of a nylon block, in which steel bolts with nuts are embedded. Thanks to the adjustment system, we can precisely adjust the rigidity of our sharpener’s arm. The installation of the stabilizer is equally simple and does not require the disconnection of the handle. Just slide the support under the arm, adjust its height (if necessary) and we can start precise sharpening with a fixed angle.

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