Naktinio matymo monokuliaras NIGHTLUX NV PVS MONO ULTRA GREEN

2+ kartos naktinio matymo monokuliaras, kurį galima montuoti ant optikos.

Original price was: 3,200.00 €.Current price is: 2,850.00 €.

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We have significantly improved the classic monocular night vision device.
Original PVS14 optics from non-US production are used for this.
In conjunction with the Gen.2S (XX0041) image intensifier tubes of this type specially manufactured for us by Photonis and manual brightness control, the device achieves an optical performance that has only been possible with significantly more expensive devices
, if at all . With an official order, the device may also be used as a night vision attachment. The extremely edge-sharp eyepiece rounds off the optical setup perfectly.

– optionally available as Photonis ECHO ONYX
– incl. Photonis data sheet
– shock and lightning-proof picture tubes
– large field of view
– only brand-new picture tubes from Photonis with data sheet
– manual brightness control for optimum picture quality
– no glare thanks to manual brightness control
– extremely compact design
– perfectly matched optics
– Made in Germany
– operating time with 1 xCR2 battery up to more than 30 hours
– can be used as an eyepiece attachment if authorized by the authorities (dual use)

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