Nktinio matymo monokuliaras PARD NV007SP – 940 NM WITH LRF

Naujasis Pard NV007SP LRF, monoklis su lazeriniu tolimačiu.


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Night vision add-on PARD NV007SP

The new PARD 007SP is the further development of the successful PARD 007S. The digital night vision monocular is suitable for observation and for mounting on optics. Thanks to the built-in focusable IR radiator, available with 850nm and 940nm wavelengths, the night vision device can also be used in total darkness. The new 2K sensor and revised software offer an unprecedented night vision experience. Due to the functional principle, the device guarantees a very high level of precision, since the optical axis is not changed, zeroing is not necessary. The device is optionally available with a laser range finder up to 1000 m.

OLED screen 1024×768px
2K sensor 2560×1440
Objective lens 22.5mm
Magnification: 1 – 3.5x
Focusable and adjustable IR illuminator: 5 watts
Battery: 18650 (1x), 3.7V
IP-67 waterproof
Recoil energy up to 6000 joules
Detection distance up to 350m (940nm)
external Powered by USB Type-C
Operating temperature: -25 – +40 °C
Operating time: up to 8 hours
photo and video recordings possible,
Resolution 2592×1944 (photo) / 1920×1080 (video)
Micro SD card (not included)
freely selectable brightness and exposure settings
Size: 105*71*120/134mm
Weight: 290/355 g (without battery)

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