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One of the best sharpening systems available on the market is undoubtedly the Work Sharp Precision Adjust. Full control over the sharpening process, ease of use and the performance of the sharpener have made this model extremely popular at home and abroad.
To increase the capabilities of the sharpener, we can easily upgrade it with a dedicated Upgrade Kit. The kit includes 3 additional sharpening modules offering up to 7 abrasive surfaces with a wide range of gradations.

Upgrade Kit for Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener – Work Sharp sharpener accessories at authorized Kolba store.
The Upgrade Kit for the Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener allows you to perform a full sharpening process, repair the blade, bring out a new cutting edge and polish the blade until it has a mirror-like shine.

Contents of the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Sharpener Upgrade Kit:

Three-sided coarse-grained block with diamond plates in 220, 320 AND 400 gradations – ideal for repairing and bringing out a new cutting edge,
Three-sided fine-grained block with 2 diamond plates with gradations of 600 and 800 and a ceramic fine stone – for sharpening proper,
block with leather belt and round ceramic bar – for final smoothing of the blade (honing) and sharpening of the serrated cutting edge.
The set comes with a hard zippered case, in which you can store not only the sharpening blocks, but also the Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener

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