Purškalas anyžiū kvapo Black Fire Secret Spray 100ml

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Premium spray attractant booster with a strong, long-lasting odor. Increase your chances of success in hunting!

What is an attractive booster?
Attractant Booster is a spray that is used in addition to other attractants to make the smell even stronger and better. The spray is used to disperse the attractant in your hunting area and also to expand the area with intense smell.

How to use the spray
You apply the spray by spraying it onto your attractant or bait 3-5 times. You can also apply the spray to trees or other surfaces in your hunting area to increase the smell in the area. By putting it on the sole of your boot, you’ll spread the strong smell of aniseed throughout your territory, not just where your cameras are set up.

Can I use it alone or with other lures?
Black Fire Secret Spray is intended as a booster to increase the smell of your attractant or bait. Its premium ingredients and intense odor attract wildlife. You can use the spray in addition to other attractants to increase the smell.

How long can I use a bottle?
A bottle contains 100 ml of liquid, which is sufficient for applications up to 200 times.

what’s in the bottle
The bottle contains strong time-tested scents such as anise, which attracts wild boar, deer and roe deer.

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