Šaudymo lazda Floba-Jagd

Super stabilios, reguliuojamo aukščio, tvirtos šaudymo lazdos. Plačiai išsiskėčia. Pritaikytos net labai aukšto ūgio žmonėms. Galima medžioti net atsisėdus. SPALVA CAMO.


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Functional 4-leg rifle stick in camoflage optics
Ideal for stalking, high seat and hunting abroad Support height when pushed
together approx. 80 cm
Height can be locked from 155 cm to 180 cm
Adjustable strap for exact adaptation to the weapon
dimensions only approx. 105 cm neoprene handles
Incl. Carrying case
width Rubberized fore-end support to follow the target
Can also be used as a 2-leg or stalking stick
Weight approx. 1100 grams
! Ideal for long shots !!!
The 4-leg rifle stick offers you a very high stability of your weapon thanks to the 2-point support and you will hit with it precisely and even at long distances.

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