Stebėjimo kamera Uovision Mini be GSM modulio

Puiki stebėjimo kamera be GSM modulio vartotojiems, kuriems nereikia, kad nuotraukos būtų siunčiamos į jūsų el paštą. Visas nuotraukas galima peržiūrėti LCD ekraniuke esamčiame viduje. Puiki kokybė už prieinamą kainą.


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The new 2019 Uovision Mini game camera is hidden in the yard or in the terrain!

The small and compact game camera, due to its size, is ideally suited for surveillance tasks in areas where discreet use is a must. An inconspicuous small camera can only watch out for a more expensive sending game camera if there is any suspicion that it might be subject to vandalism, for example. An unauthorized lender can be found in the pictures.

The Uovision Mini Game Camera is equipped with versatile and useful features for demanding use. The camera features an infrared flash that is completely invisible to the human eye. An infrared flash is at its best when used as a surveillance camera and the passing subject never knows to be captured. The flash has 38 infra black power LEDs that can light up to about 12m!

The Uovision Mini game camera captures images (8.0MP, 5.0MP or 3.0MP) in crisp high definition. With high definition, the quality and sharpness of the images is taken to a new level for high quality viewing. High definition image quality ensures great day and night shots of the subject. Daytime and video are captured in crisp color and nighttime and video in black and white thanks to an invisible infrared flash. Each image also has a timestamp (clock, day, temperature, battery charge) so you know when the shot was taken.

The Uovision Mini game camera stores pictures and videos on a standard 4GB to 32GB SD memory card. The camera also has a so-called overwrite function, that is, when the SD memory card becomes full, the camera saves new images over old images (from the beginning). Images captured by the camera can be viewed directly on the spot from the internal 1.5 ″ preview screen. Easy camera programming and on-the-spot menu setup with the same internal 1.5 ″ preview screen.

If you want to shoot multiple shots of the subject, the camera has a pulse function that can take 1 to 10 shots of the subject.

The Uovision Mini camera has a motion-based PIR motion detector that detects a moving object, such as an animal or a human, emitting heat. The larger target reflects more heat and the motion detector can detect the target up to about 15m. The sensitivity of the PIR motion detector can be adjusted as needed. Motion detector trip response approx. 1 second from observation.

The Uovision Mini game camera can only be set to shoot at a specific time or at regular time with the help of a timer. The camera has a power port for external 6V power such as a battery or AC adapter. The camera may have batteries inserted while using an external power source, which ensures maximum operating time.

CE, FCC and ROHS approved.

* Recordable SD memory card Uovision Mini game camera
* English operating menu
* User Menu languages: Finnish, German, English, Czech
* image resolution: 8.0MP, 5MP or 3MP
* Video Resolution: QVGA, VGA
* Invisible infrared black lightning for night vision
* Infra Black Lightning: 38 power LED
* Infrared Black Lightning max valotusetäisyys 12m
* Built-in 1.5 „color preview screen (image & programming)
* Weatherproof design, IP54 rating (no immersion)
* Unobtrusive Camo coloring (pictured)
*Adjustable PIR thermal motion sensor (Normal, High, Low, off)
* PIR motion sensor response time of 1 second.
* PIR motion sensor delay setting: 0Sec – 60min
* PIR motion sensor capacity to 15m (depending on the size and thermal radiation)
* Saves the Day photos and videos in color
* night vision imaging and night video with infrared black and white
* Adjustable video lengths: 5sec – 60sec
* Multi-shot capability with 1×10 frames
* SD memory card support: 4 – 32GB compatible (not included)
* Self-timer shooting
* Slot shooting function
*Recording time stamp: day, time, temperature, battery charge
* Password protection
* Wall mount mounting thread on the bottom of the camera
* Compatible with Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10)
* Operating temperature: -20 ° C…. + 60 ° C
* Operating humidity: 5%…. 90%
* Batteries: 8pcs AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
* Outputs: USB, 6V DC, SD Memory Card Slot
* Supplied with strap, instruction manual
* 12 months (1 year)

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