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Brand new thermal imaging attachment from InfiRay: The MATE MAH50
With the new MATE MAH50, InfiRay has achieved an unprecedented level of image quality and precision: Features from years of clip-on development have been combined and installed. The device offers extremely precise adjustability in the X and Y axes and surpasses all previous devices from the manufacturer in terms of precision ex works. In terms of image quality, the MATE MAH50 allows up to 10x magnification of the scope. The contrast sharpness and image quality clearly stand out from the previous model and are an absolute highlight of this device. As usual, 4 shot profiles can be set and selected for 4 different weapons.

The MATE MAH50 has an internal battery. With the additional battery kit, this can be expanded if necessary. A viewfinder and a laser range finder with an integrated battery are also optionally available. This makes the MATE MAH50 currently the most powerful clip-on on the market!

The new InfiRay thermal imaging attachment absolutely amazed us with its first impression. After the first practical use, we were more than surprised and fascinated.

short and compact design
turret focus ring
Market leader in image quality
25 mk high-end sensor
12 micron InfiRay detector
up to 10x magnification possible with telescopic sight
easy handling / innovative remote control
light weight
very valuable feel / perfect working lens cap
Maximum precision through MOA adjustment

Technical specifications:

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