Termovizorius Infiray Finder FH35R V2

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Thermal imaging monocular Finder series FH35R V2
Now the Finder V2 makes a big leap in terms of image quality and ease of use. The thermal imaging sensor has higher sensitivity and the lens is equipped with a larger aperture. Together with the already proven functions, the Finder V2 is perfect for the professional hunter who expects excellent performance and a practical pack size.

Completely redesigned image quality

The 12µm 640×512 thermal imaging sensor has been upgraded to higher thermal sensitivity and achieves a NETD of sub 20mk. Combined with the enlarged F0.9 aperture, which allows for more thermal sensitivity, the Finder V2 is capable of capturing perfect details in difficult conditions.

Fast and precise LRF

The Finder V2 has a built-in LRF with a range of up to 800 meters and a fault tolerance of 1 meter. The response speed is super fast, accurate distance measurement results can be displayed without delay.

10 hour battery life

The Finder V2 is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries that can be easily replaced even in dark environments. Total battery life can last up to 10 hours, and the charger supports in-vehicle charging, allowing for uninterrupted viewing.

Finest case design

The Finder V2 maintains the pocket-sized design, is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and the material of the buttons is optimized. The improved silicone button remains soft and easy to grip even in cold temperatures.

FH35R V2
Model FH35R V2
Resolution, pixels 640×512
Pixel size, μm 12
NETD ≤ 20mK
Frame rate, Hz 50Hz
Objective lens, mm 35mm / F0.9
Field of view (H × V), ° 10.5° × 7.9°
Optical magnification, × 2 to 8
Diopter, D -5 to +5 D
Detection range, m 1800 m
Display type AMOLED
Display resolution, pixels 1024×768
Battery type Replaceable Li-ion battery pack
Max. battery life (22 °C)*, h 5.5h × 2
Laser rangefinder range, m 800±1
IP protection rating IP67
interface Type C
microphone √
Automatically turn off the screen √
Storage 32G
WiFi & APP √
Weight <400g
Dimensions, mm 160×90×50

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