Veiksmo kamera ShotKam GEN 4

Naujiena, 4 kartos veiksmo kamera ShotKam, dar geresnė Jūsų pagalbininkė.


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The Shotkam is a camera that lets you capture every shot in the field or on the shooting range. You can view that footage directly on your smartphone or tablet via the app. This is incredibly valuable knowledge that helps you become a better shot. It is also an incredibly fun gadget to capture unforgettable moments!

Shooting is a technique. Visiting the shooting range more often will help you get better at it, but the Shotkam is the way to notice points of improvement, a quick course in marksmanship as it were. The ShotKam indicates exactly where your shot is. If you miss, it tells you exactly what you need to correct next time to hit the (clay) pigeon or that big boar.

By the way, the camera also lets you record your exciting driven hunting moments as you can see in the video above. To mount the ShotKam on a rifle, you will need a calibre 20 mount.

Made of military-grade aluminium, this camera is fully waterproof. Your purchase includes a 2-year warranty.

Includes: calibre 12 mount, USB-c charging cable, built-in 64 GB memory card, key, plug and various spare parts.

We will assemble and install your ShotKam together on your weapon if you wish.

The main differences from Gen 3 are:

4 K video (gen 3: 1080 P video)
Battery lasts for 15 hours (gen 3: 4-5 hours)
128GB memory (gen 3: 64GB memory)
2-8 x zoom (gen 3: 4 x zoom)
Faster wifi: 6 Mbps (gen 3: 3Mbps)

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