Vilioklių rinkinys stirninams Faulhaber S + old doe call 3vnt

Austriškų vilioklių rinkinys iš 3 vilbinių.



The old doe call “ALTGEISS” is used in the second half of the rutting season
The fawn’s distress “KITZ” call finally imitates the young one’s call for its mother, which, attracted by the calls approaches, ac-companied by the buck.
The doe call “FIEP” imitates the mating calls used to attract bucks
hand-tuned & tested for perfect sound
Material: acoustic synthetic alloy, in a weatherproof casing
Color: army green / black / light green
A detailed instruction sheet is enclosed.

The complete FAULHABER-Deer call set in an a weatherproof case. We have been often approached by our customers to provide a suitable case of this set for gift-purposes.

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