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Product description
Leica Geovid Pro 8×32

The Leica Geovid Pro 32 is a true milestone. It is the lightest and smallest
rangefinder binoculars in the premium class, equipped with the world’s leading
software and powerful Class 1 laser. Never before has so much optical performance
optical performance and field-proven ballistics packed into so few binoculars.
Extremely powerful and functionally groundbreaking, this pioneer of rangefinding is
the first choice for every active hunter who appreciates compact equipment and needs
immediately needs the reliable ballistic solution for all close and long range shots.

Smallest and lightest rangefinder binoculars of the
premium class
Top optical performance and large field of view thanks to Perger-Porro-
prism system
Highly precise laser range finding up to 2350 metres
Easy to program, save, manage with the Leica Ballistic App
With new GPS tracker function LPT™ (Leica ProTrack) for shot control and
shot control and numerous additional functions

Compact and lightweight
The most compact rangefinder binocular in the premium class

Improved connectivity
Optionally pair with Kestrel® devices: for the highest precision in real time. Basemap® integration enables remarkableGPS tracking.

High-quality optics
Best optical elements for outstanding optical performance.

Leica Ballistics App 1.0
With the Leica Ballistics App supported by Applied Ballistics®, the user can create personal ballistics profiles, mark a target via GPS or activate the rangefinder.

Applied Ballistics® on-board
Ballistic values up to 800 m (Applied Ballistics® Ultralight) incl. wind correction. Upgradeable to Applied Ballistics® Elite.

Laser range finding
Fast, precise range finding for reliable point of impact correction. The Geovid Pro 32 offers extremely fast measurements at up to 2,350 m.

Tracking to the terrain point with LPTTM (Leica ProTrack) In addition to the rangefinder, the Leica Geovid Pro 32 has a built-in compass. In conjunction with the ballistic calculator, the Leica Geovid Pro 32 can determine geographical positions in the terrain. The position of the last distance measurement is automatically stored and can be recalled for guidance. This means that the Leica Geovid Pro 32 is able to guide the hunter safely to the target or to another location.
the hunter to the shooting point or to another point that has been previously determined in the field.
This is done via the smartphone display. A simple compass needle or even a map based on Google Maps® or BaseMap® appears here. With the compass needle, the direction of travel to the destination can be easily determined. On Google Maps® or BaseMap® background maps, the hunter can even see the position of the target embedded in a graphical representation of the terrain.
This makes finding the way to the target easy and safe, even under difficult conditions. This sophisticated and highly precise GPS tracking feature meets the long-standing demand for a tool to help hunters find shot game quickly and accurately.

Superior mechanics and high-quality optics
Reliable in any situation thanks to a robust, slim design and the best optical elements for outstanding optical quality.
Environmental sensors
Built-in air pressure, temperature and angle sensors for precise readings
Real-time ballistics calculation
Built-in Applied Ballistics® calculator and integrated wind correction option for the most accurate correction values.
Real range up to 2,350 m.
Powerful, precise, repeatable.

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Leica Geovid Pro 32

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