Automatinė šėrykla Floba SP 7/D DROP Luxus

Automatinė šėrykla drop. Nerudyjančio plieno korpusas, garantija 24 mėnesiai.


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  • Drop – The feed falls straight down through the outlet pipe
  • Super stable stainless steel housing
  • 100% „Made in Germany“
  • up to 8 switching times per day
  • Feed quantity adjustable from approx. 50 g to a maximum of 4 kg per feeding
  • Pipe diameter approx.3.5 cm
  • only about 20x15x13 cm in size and about 1.5 kg in weight


With the programmable LCD timer you can switch from 1 to max. Feed 8 times a day.
Feed quantity adjustable from 100 g to max. 4 kg per feeding.

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