Automatinė šėrykla Floba KC 12v

Viena galingiausių automatinių šėryklų veikianti nuo 12v akumuliatoriaus, stulbinanti galia išbarsto iki 12mm diametro jauką net iki 40m spinduliu aplink, o reguliuojamas šėrimo laikas nuo 1 sekundės iki 59 sekunžių leidžia išberti nuo 250g iki 25kg jauko. Taippat reguliuojamas varikliuko veikimo greitis 50, 75 ir 100%.


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Our most powerful automatic feeder with a stable and lockable metal housing, super powerful 12 volt motor and a spread of up to max. 40 meters around.

You can use the vending machine to spread corn, grain and pellets and other types of feed up to 12 mm in diameter.
The rotating plate with its swing flaps prevents a storm from blowing the feed away or birds and other unwanted animals from getting on the feed.
The amount of feed and the spreading width is programmed via the timer (1 to 59 seconds running time) and ranges from 200 grams to max. 25 KG per feeding interval.
 The 1-6 feeding times per day can be programmed individually using the timer and the motor speed can be set to 50, 75 or 100% depending on the desired spreading width.
The amount of feed is regulated over the duration (1 – 59 seconds) and ranges from 200 grams to max. 25 KG per feeding
The distance between feed hopper and turntable is adjustable
Size approx: 30 x 18 x 18 cm

This automaton should actually be called Kirrkanone, because with its powerful 12V motor it feeds within a radius of up to max. Scattered 40m.
The ideal device for feeding, diversion feeding, game gates, fishing, agriculture etc. or to create a larger free area in the reeds or undergrowth with the help of the sows

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