Šildukų rinkinys Only Hot Hunter set

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This AKAH warmer-set from ONLY HOT® are for two hunting-events.


2 pair feet warmer (8h+)
2 pair hand warmer (10h+)
2 pcs. body warmer (14h+)
Heat approx.: from 39° C (Ø 35° C) up to. max. 67° C (Ø 53° C)

ONLY HOT®warmers:
We warmly recommend ONLY HOT® Warmers to all hunting enthusiasts! Thanks to their reliability and long lasting dissipation of heat you will stay comfortably warmed even when it is freezing cold outside. No matter if in your gloves, as a seat pad, in your boots or attached to your belly or back. ONLY HOT® Warmers will keep you warm for many hours in all kinds of weather.

Runs on Air!
The warmer starts the warming action when it is exposed to air. The chemical reaction stops when the ambient temperature is less than 1-2° Celsius and the warmer stays cold. To guarantee the optimal heating it is suggested to open the outer packaging a few minutes before using and leave the warmer at room temperature.


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