Stebėjimo kamera Burrel Edge HD + 4G

Puiki naujausio modelio stebėjimo kamera palaikanti 4G, 3G ir 2G dažnius su video siuntimu į elektroninį paštą. Ilgiausias galimas video net 20 sekundžių.

  • Burrel Edge HD + takes Game Cameras into the super-fast 4G era
  • Also supports 2G and 3G networks: Intelligent automation keeps you connected even when the network changes
  • Stream HD video up to 20 MB faster than ever
  • 3G and 4G networks allow high quality images up to 12 MP in size to be transmitted quickly
  • Really fast response time: only 0.6 seconds!
  • Better remote control and new remote control features like timer and memory card erasure
  • The redesigned back cover also allows you to open the camera while the AC power or external battery is connected
  • Easy and quick setup: Adding a receiving email and activating the Burrel


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The Burrel Edge HD + 4G Transmitter Camera is launching a new era of game cameras by moving game shooting and property control to the 4G era. In addition to the 4G network for 2G and 3G networks utilizing the sending of game camera intelligent automation ensures the survival of the network connection changes.

The 4G technology utilized by the Edge game camera enables faster and larger files of higher quality. The Edge HD + 4G tool camera is capable of delivering up to 12 megapixels of sharp images and 20 megabytes of HD quality video.

Uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity also allows for more advanced remote control features, such as remote erasure of the memory card and remote timer that lets you set the camera to shoot only on certain days of the week.

The Edge game camera family, which is already advanced, has continued to evolve with small ease-of-use features, as the Edge HD + 4G tool camera features a completely redesigned back cover that allows you to open the camera while plugged in or with an external battery.

Burrel Edge HD + 4G camera in a nutshell:

  • Transmitter and remote controlled game camera with super-fast 4G connectivity
  • Easy setup – Adding a receiving email is enough
  • Supports 3G and 2G networks in addition to 4G networks –   Intelligent automation ensures transmission even when the network changes
  • Sending pictures to email or Sensegram
  • High HD + picture quality –  crisp day and night images and improved white balance
  • Invisible infra black (44 pcs infra black) –  Also suitable for property control
  • Fast response time of 0.6 seconds
  • Motion detection response up to 25 m
  • functions:
    • Captures 12 MP pictures and HD video (1080p)
    • Up to 12MP photos and 20MB Full HD videos can be uploaded quickly on a 4G network
    • 1 to 10 sets of pictures
    • Picture + Video mode – The  shot captures both the picture and the video
    • Weekly timer – set  the camera to monitor only on certain days of the week
    • Overwrite –  Save files over old pictures and videos
    • Several remote control functions –  eg. remotely wipe the memory card
  • UV-protected Passion Green camera housing
  • 2.0 „LCD color display
  • Easy menu (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and English)
  • Low power consumption
  • Power source: AA batteries (12), 6V battery or 6V AC adapter
  • Game Camera Warranty 12 months

Burrel Edge HD Package Contents:

  • Burrel Edge HD + 4G transmitting game camera
  • power antenna
  • harness
  • USB cable
  • Instruction Manual (Finnish, Swedish, English)
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