Termovizorius InfiRay E3n

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iRay Xeye E3n


Compact and elegant design, simple and convenient operation, state-of-the-art components – discover the new series of Xeye monoculars.


Xeye Monoculars are entirely designed, manufactured and assembled by the best technologists from the iRay team. 

17μm high-performance VOx sensors  produce highly detailed thermal images  , making it easier to find targets even in complete darkness. The refresh rate of 50 Hz guarantees smooth operation of the device without dragging images. A 3-second turn-on time helps  save energy and extend operating hours. Thanks to the use of energy-saving components, the battery life has been extended up to 15 hours.

  • Sensor resolution – 384×288
  • Pixel size – 17um
  • Refresh rate – 50Hz
  • Objective diameter – 19mm
  • Field of view – 19.5 degrees
  • Display – 720×540
  • Working time (maximum) – 15h
  • Multiplicity – x2 / x4 (digital zoom)
  • Dimensions (mm) – 160x62x62
  • Weight – 320g


Detection range:

Car – 1739m (reconnaissance 435m)

Human – 739m (reconnaissance 185m)

Deer  – 653m (identification 163m)

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