Termovizorius Liemke Challenger 35 ASi

Termovizorius su dideliu 35mm lešiu skirtas ypač geram karšto objekto nustatymui, dėl ASi detektoriaus fonas išlieka ne stipriaja šio termovizoriaus dalim, bet tikrai nenuvils surasdamas ir detaliai pavaizduodamas šiltus objektus.

The „CHALLENGER 35ASi“ from the house Liemke offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio. The large display with 1.280×960 pixel resolution provides the user with a superior viewing experience. The battery life of up to 4 hrs., And the wireless image / video transmission on a mobile IOS / Android terminal, make the CHALLENGER 35ASi a very powerful hunting companion.


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Product information „CHALLENGER 35ASi“
Frame rate: 50 Hz
Design type: monocular
Size: pocket-sized
Resolution: 384×288 pixels
Lens size: 35mm
Zoom: 2-4x
Recording function: No
Weight: to 600g
pitch: 17μm

Technical specifications

  • OLED color display with pixel resolution 1.280×960
  • 384×288 pixels ASi detector with 17μm pixel pitch
  • Detection range 1.235m
  • 2.5 times optical magnification
  • 2-4 / fold digital zoom
  • 35mm objective lens with manual focus
  • 50Hz frame rate provide wobble-free images in real time
  • 4 picture modes: black, white, red and full color
  • Wi-Fi function enables wireless transmission live up to 40m
  • integrated Li-on battery
  • minute 4 hours continuous operation.
  • upload via standard USB
  • Weight 510 grams
  • Dimensions: 190x65x70mm
  • Sehfeldbreite on 100m: 19m
  • With Tripod Adapter
  • ultra compact and waterproof IP66 protection class
  • Warranty: 2 years
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