Termovizorius Liemke Challenger 35

Puikus termovizorius, Vox detektorius, didelis ekranas, didelis rankiniu būdu fokusuojamas lešis, puikiam šilto objekto aptikimui ir detalizavimui.

The compact powerhouse „CHALLENGER-35“ made by Liemke has a leistungsstarkten VOx detector and a 35mm manual focus front lens. The large display with 1,024×768 pixel resolution provides the user with a superior viewing experience. The battery life of up to 5 hrs., As well as the wireless image / video transmission to a mobile IOS / Android terminal, make the challenger 35 to a very powerful hunting companion.

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Product information „CHALLENGER-35“
Frame rate: 50 Hz
Design type: monocular
Size: pocket-sized
Resolution: 384×288 pixels
Lens size: 35mm
Zoom: 2-4x
Recording function: Yes
Weight: to 600g
pitch: 17μm

Technical specifications

  • OLED display with 1,024×768 pixel resolution
  • 384×288 pixels VOX detector with 17μm pixel pitch
  • Detection range 1.235m
  • 2.5 times optical magnification
  • 2-4 / fold digital zoom
  • 35mm objective lens with manual focus
  • 50Hz frame rate provide wobble-free images in real time
  • 4 picture modes: black, white, red and full color
  • Recording (video / image) in the device
  • 8 GB memory for over 10,000 photos or four hours. Video
  • Data access as an external hard drive via USB
  • Wi-Fi function enables wireless transmission live up to 40m
  • integrated Li-on battery
  • minute Continuous use 5 hours.
  • upload via standard USB
  • Weight 510 grams
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) = 190x70x60mm
  • Sehfeldbreite on 100m: 19m
  • With Tripod Adapter
  • ultra compact and waterproof IP67 protection class
  • Warranty: 3 years
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