Termovizorius Liemke Keiler 50 PRO 2020

Kuo didesnis lešis tuo toliau aptinkamas šiltas objektas, net 50mm lešis jus nustebins vaizdo ryškumu, detalumu o 640 matrica tai tik įtvirtins dideliame ekrane.

technical features

  • Objective lens (mm): 50
  • Detector material: VOx
  • Detector Resolution (pixels): 640×480
  • Shutter / Calibration: auto / manual
  • Display resolution (pixels): 1.280×960
  • Telescope: 3.6
  • Focus: manual
  • Zoom digital: 2/4 / fold
  • Field of view: 12×9 °
  • Sehfeldbreite to 100 m in m: 22
  • Pixels FOV (mrad): 0.3
  • Weight: 710
  • Screen video storage (internal): yes
  • Wi-Fi Life: yes
  • Detecting (m): 1,765


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Į norų sąrašą
Product information „KEILER-50 PRO“
Frame rate: 50 Hz
Design type: monocular
Size: pocket-sized
Resolution: 640×480 pixels
Lens size: 50mm
Zoom: 2-4x
Recording function: Yes
Weight: to 800g
pitch: 17μm


The new KEILER-50 PRO thermal imaging optics with 640×480 detector and 1.280×960 pixel QVGA display is a compact powerhouse in a compact format.

The powerful VOx detector and the new LCOS display in QVGA format provide a fascinating picture sharpness and viewing experience. The 50mm manually focusable objective lens permits a detection range to 1.765m and a Sehfeldbreite of 22m to 100m distance. Heat sources can be displayed in various Betrachterfarbmodi and, if necessary digital to 4 times larger. Image data can be transmitted by cable or by WiFi transfer function up to a distance of 50m on a live Android or IOS terminal and recorded. The design is certified to IP66 and are therefore protected against dust and heavy rain. The KEILER-50 Pro-goers game field wants a perfect look for the avid of power reserves and do not want to do without detail sharpness in zoom mode.

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