Termovizorius Liemke Merlin 35

Dar vienas Merlin šeimos narys, puikiai tiksliantis atstumams net virš kilometro, palengvins jūsų paieškas tamsiu paros metu. Kaip ir visi Liemke modeliai puikiai rodo šiltą abjektą, detalus vaizdas ir puikios galimybės.

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Product information „MERLIN-35“
Frame rate: 50 Hz
Design type: monocular
Size: medium to large
Resolution: 384×288 pixels
Lens size: 35mm
Zoom: 2-4x
Recording function: Yes
Weight: to 600g
pitch: 17μm


The optics offers the robust aluminum housing and simple operation.

Designed for use in harsh environments, has the MERLIN-35 via an IP66 protection class and is thus protected from most rain. The VOx detector in combination with the 35mm manual focus front lens offers users a universal use in the forest and field hall.

technical features

  • Objective lens (mm): 35
  • Image Frequency Hz: 50
  • Detector material: VOx
  • Detector Resolution (pixels): 384×288
  • NETD <35mK
  • Pixel Pitch: 17
  • Shutter / calibration: manual
  • Display resolution (pixels): 1024×768
  • Optical magnification: 2.5
  • Zoom digital: 2/4-fold
  • Field of view: 11×8 °
  • Sehfeldbreite to 100 m in m: 19
  • Pixels FOV (mrad): 0.5
  • Weight: 480
  • Current: 2xCR123 (3.7 V)
  • Continuous operation time: Greater than 4 hours (without activated Wi-Fi).
  • Screen video storage: yes (via app)
  • Wi-Fi Life: yes
  • Detecting (m) 1235
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