Automatinė šėrykla Eurohunt Evolution

Eurohunt 6v programuojama automatinė šėrykla, aukšta kokybė, galima primontuoti prie betkokios talpos. Foto esanti talpa į komplektą neieina.


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The EUROHUNT automatic feeder is attached to suitable storage containers with a bayonet catch. The automatic feeder can be removed from the storage container, the holder remains on the storage container. A flap in the holder prevents unwanted feed from falling out of the storage container. Adjustment work on the automatic feeder can be carried out easily. The EUROHUNT automatic feeder is equipped with a protective cage on the spreading disc. There is a funnel underneath, this funnel drains excess feed downwards. There are no feed residues left on the automatic feeder. The spreading disc is closed when not in use, there is no direct access to the feed Only when the automatic feeder is switched on do the flaps on the spreading disc open by centrifugal force and the feed is scattered. After completion of the spreading process, the flaps close again automatically. The automatic feeder is easily programmed via the digital control unit.

Protective cage with funnel – hardly any food remains in the ejection
area Ejection flaps are closed when idle and open by centrifugal force Automatic feeder
is attached to the feed container with a bayonet lock, when the automatic feeder is removed, no feed can slip out of the storage container

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