Buko derva 1A-ORIGITAR šernams ir elniams 600g

NAUJIENA!!! Buko derva, efektyviausias šernų prievilas.


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The highly effective attractant was developed by 1a-Jagdbedarf to attract wild boar and red deer and raise hunting results to a completely new level. The specially selected ingredients in 1a-OrigiTar release a tempting scent that irresistibly attracts game.

With 1a-OrigiTar you can rely on proven experts in attractant production. They have used their knowledge and passion to create a product that awakens the instincts of the game. Whether you are an experienced hunter or a newcomer to the wilderness, 1a-OrigiTar allows you to increase your chances of a successful kill!

Highly effective attractant for wild boar and red deer
Pure beech wood tar, low viscosity for easier application.
Simple and economical to use.
Clean application – no dirty hands.
PET bottles with injection insert and safety cap
1 box of 6 bottles
Bottle content: 600 g (500 ml)

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