Optika Zeiss CONQUEST V6 1.1-6X24

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ZEISS has rediscovered a new standard for precision and long-range hunting. Regardless of the type of hunting – waiting, motor hunting or long range, this optical sight with 6X magnification is designed to serve in all weather conditions with perfect accuracy. ZEISS Conquest V6 with 92% light transmission, modern multi-layer coatings and a wide field of view ensures incredible image quality and clarity even in the harshest weather conditions. The sophisticated optics are protected by a black, matte anodized aluminum housing. US ballistic compensator as well as moisture repellent lens coating are now standard on ZEISS Conquest optical sights.

The Conquest V6 is designed for the hunter who demands versatility and uncompromising capabilities at long distances, as the ZEISS Conquest V6 optical sight proves that distance is nothing.

The optical sight has a wide field of view – its 35 m wide field of view at a distance of 100 m allows you to see the overall picture, while at the same time allowing a quick assessment of the target when the moment is right.

6X magnification and flexibility in any situation – even in very challenging conditions when the game is on the move, the wide magnification range provides flexibility to adapt to the situation. A maximum magnification of 6.5 is unmatched in its class.

The optical sight has an ergonomic design, which makes its use very convenient for the hunter even with gloves.

The aiming reticle „60 illuminated” is thinner than the aiming reticle „40”. In the aiming reticle „60” the visible lines are twice as thin, thus the field of view is more visible. Even with twelve times magnification, the target will be covered by only 0.55 cm at 100 meters, thus maintaining a large field of view without obscuring the target. The illuminated dot is very bright, so the optical sight can be used for hunting in daylight. The dot can be adjusted, so this optical sight can also be used for night hunting.

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