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Triple ground teeth and a T-handle ensure minimal effort and maximum effectiveness. 420 stainless steel, TPR handle, Kydex sheath with belt adapter.
Type: Saw
Brand: Magnum
Overall Length: 19,40 cm
Blade Length: 13,50 cm
Blade Thickness: 1,40 mm
Weight: 92,00 g
Blade Material: 420
Handle Material: TPR
Lock Type: Fixed
Made in: Asia
Color: Orange
Blade Color: Uncoated
Item Number: 09RY802

The pry saw is primarily used to open the lock seam and effortlessly eats through bone and, if necessary, wood as well. The triple-ground teeth and the T-handle guarantee minimum effort and maximum effectiveness. Stainless steel 420, TPR handle, Kydex sheath with belt adapter.

The demands on the hunter and his equipment in different types of terrain and in a wide variety of weather conditions at all times of the day and night are tough and diverse. High concentration and the confrontation with physical and logistical challenges are permanently required. We have developed the Magnum Hunting Line so that the indispensable knife is a piece of equipment that the hunter does not have to worry about during the hunting experience.

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