Stebėjimo kamera Uovision Compact LTE 4G Linckeazi

Naujoji Uovision Compact 4G LTE Cloud yra kompaktiškiausia nuotoliniu būdų valdoma kamera iš 2020 metais pristatytų naujienų su 20MP resoliucija ir Full HD audio video irašymu! Duomenys perduodami 4G LTE greičiu ir visas valdymas nemokamas per LinckEazi cloud serverį!


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THE FASTEST GAME CAMERA OF THE SEASON 2020 NEW! Small size – High performance in a compact package.

The new Uovision Compact 4G LTE Cloud is the most compact remote-controlled game camera of the season 2020 with a whopping 20MP resolution and Full HD audio recording video! The material moves at 4G LTE speed and remote control is free via the LinckEazi cloud service!

Uovision Compact 4G LTE supports high-speed LTE (4G) network for image or video transmission. Its stunning 20MP image resolution takes game camera shooting to a new level. Full HD (1080P) videos are recorded with audio, so you can hear the sound at the time of the event.

Modern high-speed LTE (4G) connection ensures high-quality and fast image transmission from the destination. The speed of data transfer and good image material are advantages when a game camera is used, for example, for surveillance as a surveillance camera.

The Uovision Compact 4G LTE is, as the name implies, a compact mini camera. The small external size (12cm x 10cm x 7cm) helps to hide it in the subject better than before. The small remote control mini camera is perfect for merging into a yard or company yard, for example, if it is used as a surveillance camera.

Uovision Compact 4G LTE uses the LinckEazi Cloud cloud service. The LinckEazi cloud service is a true surveillance command center from which you control one or more cameras. The LinckEazi cloud service works on mobile devices using its own APPs or via a computer browser.

With the LinckEazi cloud service, the Uovision Compact 4G LTE game camera can be controlled remotely using your computer’s web browser or using the LinckEazi APP (Android, iOS) application downloadable from the Play Store. The LinckEazi cloud service enables control of several cameras where images and videos are stored in the cloud service in the user’s own account in camera-specific albums. From the albums, you can easily browse the day’s events from different cameras and, if necessary, change the camera settings remotely from the LinckEazi cloud service free of charge. You can also instruct the camera to take a picture or video and see them all from your own LinckEazi “central control room”.

With the LinckEazi cloud service, you save on the price of remote text messages compared to a traditional remote-controlled game camera. The cloud handles remote commands for the camera for free!

Language options can be found in the language menu of the LinckEazi cloud service; Finland, Sweden, Norway, England and Germany. From the LinckEazi cloud service, you can also see the most important information about the camera status, eg battery charge, memory card status, cloud service memory status, etc.

Deploying the LinckEazi cloud service is extremely easy. After creating a user account, you add the camera to the service by entering the device serial number and IMEI code. If the camera has a working internet connection that supports 4G LTE connection (commercial reported speed of at least 100MB / s), the camera will be connected directly to your account. The Uovision Compact 4G LTE game camera automatically logs on to the operator’s network without complicated installations. After that, shooting can start right away!

The Uovision Compact 4G LTE game camera starts automatically due to human or animal heat movement. It has a passive PIR motion detector that detects a radiant object in front of the camera from a distance of about 18 meters. The remote-controlled game camera is suitable as a game camera for off-road photography of four-legged or winged nature movers. It can be installed as a surveillance camera to monitor two-legged unauthorized guests in a cottage, construction site, home or office, for example.

The remote-controlled fast-sending game camera always keeps you up to date, wherever you are!


* LinckEazi-cloud service supporting the remote-controllable and sending LTE (4G) game camera
* High-speed image or a video broadcast LTE (4G) connection (with support for 3G / 2G network)
* Sends rapidly from high-quality footage
* radiographic imaging modes: Still image, Video
* 20mp high-resolution description
* Image: 20MP / 16MP / 12MP / 8MP / 5MP / 3MP
* Video: FullHD 1080P, HD 720P, WVGA
* Video Audio: Yes
* Video Length: 5 – 60s
* Easy to set up and send
* SSL secured connection for sending images and videos to LinckEazi cloud service
*If necessary, also send a copy of the image to your own e-mail via LinckEazi cloud
* Free versatile remote control commands for changing settings via Web Portal or APPs from a mobile phone
* Image pulse: 1 – 10 images
* Fast PIR motion detector trigger response: 0.4s
* Adjustable PIR Motion Detector sensitivity
* Multi Up to 18m
* PIR delay: 5s – 60 min.
* Diagonal lens angle: 64 °
* FOV10m (Field of View 10m): 7.72 meters
* Object brightness: F1.85
* Invisible Infrared flash for night photography
* Flash LED sensor: 40 power LEDs
* Flash range: 15m
* Equal time shooting (timelapse): 3min-24h
* Shooting time stamp: day, time, temperature, battery charge
* Programmable work schedule for 4 different settings
* Outputs: USB, 6V DC, Micro SD memory card slot, Nano SIM card slot
* Micro SD memory card support: 4GB – 32GB (not included)
* Nano SIM (not included)
* Tripod mounting screw slot on bottom of camera
* Password protection
* Network positioning location information (accuracy depends on operator mast density)
* Lockable: lock mounting rings on housing
*Camo pattern (pictured)
* Black 17cm flat LTE (4G) antenna
* Weight: 287g (without batteries)
* Operating temperature -20 ° C… + 50 ° C
* Weatherproof construction: IP66 rating (no immersion in liquid)
* Operating humidity: 5% – 90%
* Batteries: 8pcs 1.5V AA (not included)
* Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 7cm
* Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10) compatible
* LTE 4G frequencies: FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20, TDD-LTE: B38 / B40 / B41, WCDMA: B1 / B5 / B8; GSM: 900/1800
* Included: lashing strap, instruction manual, 17cm flat LTE (4G) antenna


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