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DOG GPS X30 is a device for tracking (locating) your dogs for up to 20 km. It consists of the transmitter located on the dog’s collar and the receiver (handset) on which the dog handler tracks the distance and direction towards the dog’s location. The transmitter gets its position from the GPS satellites, which send the position data to the dog handler’s receiver via the radio frequency (RF) signal. The transmitter may include training module (X30T set), which enables the stimulation pulse to be sent from the receiver for up to 20 km.

The receiver may be connected to a mobile phone or tablet (using the Android operating system) via wireless communication and all paired devices may be viewed using the Dogtrace GPS application on the map.

The DOG GPS X30 also has additional features – compass, FENCE – acoustic boundary, which provides information that the dog moved beyond the set distance from the receiver. It also has the BEEPER feature, which simply enables to determine whether the dog is moving or standing still. The receiver facilitates saving its current position and then navigating to that position (waypoint feature).

Product Details Tracking system DOG GPS X30

  • Range between the transmitter and the receiver is up to 20 km in direct visibility
    (depending on terrain, vegetation and other factors)
  • Tracking up to 13 dogs, hunters or waypoints
  • Highly sensitive GPS in the receiver and transmitter
  • Clearly legible receiver display – in direct sunlight and in the dark
  • Waterproof receiver and transmitter
  • Long battery life
  • 2 acoustic signal modes – training / localization
  • 15 stimulation pulse levels (GPS X30T only)
  • Light mode for identifying dog in the dark (GPS X30T only)
  • Switching channels for communication between the transmitter and receiver
  • Compass feature
  • FENCE – acoustic boundary to set the area for the dog
  • BEEPER – detection of dog in motion/standing still
  • Waypoint – option to store 13 GPS receiver coordinates – navigation to these points
  • CAR mode – mode for using the receiver (handset) in the vehicle
  • The receiver is compatible with transmitters (collars) X20 / X20+
    (some functions are limited)
  • Receiver: 119 x 62 x 15 mm / 192 g
  • Transmitter: 77 x 45 x 29 mm / 142 g
  • Battery: Li-Pol 1850 mAh – recharging

DOG GPS application:

  • View all devices (dogs, other dog handlers, waypoints) on the map
  • On-line and off-line maps
  • Compass Recording routes of all devices
  • Indication of dog barking with recording to the route on the map
  • Acoustic signal  – training/location
  • Light function (GPS X30T only)
  • Stimulation function (GPS X30T only)
  • Measurement of distance and area
  • Saving waypoints on the map
  • Geo-fence (fence in geographic coordinates)
  • Circular fence
  • Statistics

Package contents:

  • Receiver including Li-Pol 1850 mAh battery
  • Clip for hanging the receiver on a belt and two screws
  • Transmitter including Li-Pol 1850 mAh and the belt
  • Set of contact points, 2 pcs 10 mm, 2 pcs 17 mm (GPS X30T only)
  • Dual power adapter, two USB cables with GPS charging clip
  • Test discharge lamp (DOG GPS X30T only)
  • Cord for handing the receiver
  • Operating Manual and Certificate of Warranty
  • Equipment bag
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