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The Endeavor RL 303AGM Aluminum Rifle Tripod with GM-70 Head from Vanguard is built for the field, providing stability at all ranges, from close-range shots to long-range targets. Manufactured using advanced CNC technology for maximum precision and quality, this aluminum tripod reduces your load and helps hold a rifle steady for long periods of time. It provides a maximum height of 70.3 inches and has a load capacity of 55 pounds. The removable half-ball head platform allows up to 15° of movement for quick and easy leveling.

The included GM-70 gun mount head mount packs plenty of gripping power, offering a secure hold for almost any rifle. A large, ergonomic clamping knob makes it easy to adjust the clamp top hold weapons from 30mm to 70mm wide, and the clamp’s interior rubber pads ensure a secure hold while minimizing the risk of scratching rifle surfaces.

Hemispherical head with 15-degree range of motion to easily follow your target
Twist-lock legs with elevation reference marks aid in quick and accurate set-up
3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 mounts for an additional tripod support arm—useful for adding a smartphone or video digiscoping kit
GM-70 Head clamp range from 30mm to 70mm fits most firearms
Supports heavy firearms
Large adjustment knob and interior rubber pads ensure a secure hold while minimizing the risk of scratching rifle surfaces
The ENDEAVOR RL 303AGM is an incredibly stable 30mm aluminium tripod with a removable levelling system and an ENDEAVOR GM-70 rifle clamp that’s designed to allow you to get on target with ease and deliver an incredibly stable base for your shot.

30mm legs that extend to 178cm with a solid 25kg load capacity
Silent, rapid set leg locks, that are also easy to clean
Three easy set leg angles and rubber/spiked feet for any terrain
75mm aluminium removable levelling system with ±15° vertical movement and 360° pan
Removable solid rifle clamp which can open from 30mm to 70mm to hold most rifles
3/8″ thread hole that allows you to attach a tripod support arm
Padded shoulder carry strap
Designed for more powerful rifles, the Endeavor RL Tripod Series is an essential tool in getting that perfect shot.
Constructed of heavy duty aluminium alloy, with load bearing components that are CNC machined for maximum quality and durability.

The tripod features 30mm tripod legs for a solid base. Each 3-section leg includes silent and easy set twist locks that allow you to deploy the tripod to almost any height between 27cm and 178cm in seconds and without any disturbance.

With three easy set leg angles (23°, 50° & 80°) and a choice of rubber or spiked feet, this tripod is perfect for use on any terrain. When used in the field, the silent twist locks are designed to be easy to clean, maximising the life of the tripod.

The tripod is then topped off with a solid 75mm aluminium levelling bowl that has ±15° vertical movement and a 360° pan that allows you to get on target and adjust your aim with ease. This levelling bowl includes a 3/8″ thread that allows you to fit any suitable tripod head, with grub screws to ensure the head is on tight.

Underneath the levelling base is a handle with a textured rubber grip. This can be used to help control the level making aiming your rifle easier and allowing you to lock it in position when you’re on target, while offering a point to hold comfortably to maximise stability.

The levelling platform can also be easily removed so that the tripod can be used with other heads for other uses (photography, observation, video, etc.).

On the side of the canopy, there is also a 3/8″ thread hole that allows you to add a suitable tripod support arm (not included) to attach the accessory of your choice. This could allow you to attach an action camera or smartphone to capture your shot, or a digiscoping kit that would allow you and your companions to observe the placement of your shot. We would recommend the VEO TSA DLX with the non-slip bayonet fittings for maximum stability.

As this model is a complete kit, attached to the tripod is an Endeavor GM-70 rifle clamp. This can open from 30mm to 70mm, fitting most rifle forearms, with a moulded rubber inner to maximise grip and prevent damage to your rifle. The clamp is operated by an oversized wheel that is designed to be easy to use, even in cold and wet weather while wearing gloves.

The clamp fits directly onto the levelling bowl’s 3/8″ thread, but it also includes an Arca compatible base that allows you to add it to any suitable tripod head (such as the VEO BH-250S) for greater control and to double as a camera tripod, without compromising the stable base.

With the focus on stability, this tripod weighs 3.2kg and folds to 84.5cm, and comes with a padded carry strap.

Designed for more powerful rifles, the Endeavor Tripod Series is an essential tool in getting that perfect shot.

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