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Hikmicro Habrok žiūronai tai universaliausias produktas, tai termovizoriniai, naktiniai žiūronai su integruotu lazeriniu tolimačiu.


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The HABROK from HIKmicro is a thermal imaging binocular. Unlike the usual monoculars, with the HABROK you look at the device’s integrated screen with both eyes. The device covers everything the hunter needs for twilight hunting:

Fusion of thermal imaging & night vision – The device has two night vision channels. Firstly the thermal imaging channel and secondly the infrared-based night vision channel. Thermal imaging allows you to quickly identify heat sources/animals in the dark (perfect for glassing). Thanks to the IR-based night vision channel, the game can then be addressed much more precisely, as infrared-based night vision provides significantly more image information. Thanks to the “fusion” setting, both images can also be displayed at the same time.
NEW | Individually focusable channels – The thermal image, the night vision channel and the IR illuminator (light cone) can be focused independently of each other. This means that the optimal performance of the individual channels can be achieved.
Laser rangefinders – Determination of the distance to the target at the push of a button in fractions of a second. Particularly helpful when the HABROK is used in conjunction with a thermal imaging attachment. Because distances are often difficult to estimate using thermal imaging alone.
Exchangeable battery system – The use of commercially available type 18650 batteries makes the power supply particularly flexible. The batteries can be replaced in seconds. (4x batteries included).

➤ Thermal imaging & night vision in one – fusion technology brings both channels together
➤ Round screen in the device for the image impression of binoculars
➤ 384 x 288 resolution with 12 prn thermal sensor
➤ Highly sensitive thermal detector NETD < 20 mK ➤ Low light enhancer: High-resolution 2560 x 1440 CMOS sensor ➤Built-in IR emitter with 5W: Can be ordered with either 940nm wavelength (for red deer and skittish wild boar) or 850nm wavelength (for all other game species). ➤Laser range finder, 1000m measurement distance (with an accuracy of ±1m) ➤ Thermal detection range up to 1.800 m ➤ Support thermal mode, optical mode and image fusion mode ➤ Supports the hunter with intelligent functions PIP, GPS, DMC (compass), Local album (folder structure), WiFi hotspot ➤ Support video & photo recording, built-in memory(64GB)

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