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Feel the Power: Innovative into the future with THUNDER 2.0

The THUNDER 2.0 attachment delivers ultra-sharp images with impressive detail recognition. This is made possible by the powerful thermal imaging camera with a thermal sensitivity of NETD<20mK, which produces clear images with recognizable large and small details. Thanks to the magnesium alloy housing, the device is light, compact and
even more robust, which makes assembly and disassembly child’s play.
In addition, the powerful battery lasts up to 10 hours and can be replaced and charged at any time, whether in the device or in the charging station.

Very high thermal sensitivity
High-resolution OLED display
Up to 10 hours run time
Reliability & Longevity

High shock resistance
magnesium body
Replaceable and rechargeable,
powerful Li-ion battery
Compact & easy to use

Robust & practical design
Easier setting
Image brightness and hue can be adjusted
Intelligent image processing
– easy to use

Recoil activated recording & audio recording
New user interface & fast automatic
calibration countdown timer

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