Termovizorius InfiRay Finder FL25R su tolimačiu

Vienas geriausių, kompaktiškiausių termovizorių rinkoje su tolimačiu, puikus vaizdas, atstumo matavimas, labai kompaktiškas, ilgai laikanti baterija.



Finder FL25R
A truly compact, combined thermal and laser rangefinder.
InfiRay’s new 12 micron sensor allows a 25mm lens to give the same magnification as a 17 micron core with a 35mm lens, which reduces weight, size and cost.
No longer do you have to guess range. or carry two pieces of kit. Equally useful day or night, the Finder FL25R includes picture and video recording as well as WiFi and video out.
Cliff Ray
Thermal Imaging Scope Finder Series
The Finder series products are light and easy to carry, especially suitable for one-handed operation that can be put in a pocket anytime and anywhere. The compact design and built-in laser rangerfinder makes the Finder the best choice for outdoor investigation.

High Image Quality

The advanced image processing ability of the InfiRay detector, which has high performance electronics and optimized infrared optics, creates excellent image clarity and provides better detection and classification, both in day and night.
· 12 µm Thermal Imaging Sensor

High performance 12 μm pixel pitch detectors are embedded. Powerful objective lens in combination with a 12 µm professional grade thermal imaging sensor provides exceptional detection capabilities. A standard 1,7 m (5.58 ft) tall object can be detected at a 1300 m (1420 yds) distance in complete darkness.
· Long Detection Range 1298 m

The powerful objective lens combined with a 12 μm professional grade thermal imaging sensor provides exceptional detection capabilities.
· High Image Frequency 50 Hz

The 50 Hz refresh rate guarantees that you will capture every moment that you are interested in.
· HD Micro Display

1280×960 high-resolution internal display offers sharp image and vivid colors.
· Integrated Laser Rangefinder (LRF) 600m

The Finder series has a built-in laser ranging module, which helps to quickly and accurately capture and display the target distance. The ranging accuracy is ± 1 m and the maximum ranging distance is 600 m. Accurate distance readings help to quickly assess the size of territory, distance and relief. Integrated, precision laser rangefinder provides accurate rangefinding, it provides both single ranging and continuous ranging modes. Continuous ranging can be quickly activated to adapt to the constantly changing distance of the observed object.
· Pocket Machine

The compact size and light weight makes it easy to carry and operate with one hand. It can be put into the pocket anytime and anywhere. The Finder weighs only 320 g,which is lighter than conventional rangefinders, but much more powerful. Compact size of thermal imager makes it an optimal portable unit for scouting and spotting.

· Infrared Sensor Switch

By sensing the reflection, the infrared sensor switch control the display on and off automatically which saves power and extends the device’s operation time. It also has the advantage of high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and stable working performance.
· Built-in Video recorder and WIFI connection

With built-in storage space , Finder series support to save the interesting moments in the form of photos or video for sharing with colleagues, friends and family. It can store many hours of recorded video and tens of photos.
· App Supported

Built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of Finder with Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware.
· Built-in Accelerometer and Digital Compass

Built-in accelerometer and digital compass improves accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles.

★Actual operation time depends on the intensity of Wi-Fi use and the built-in video recorder.

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