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The Tactacam 6.0 camera was invented with today’s hunters and shooting sports fans in mind. The most popular Point of View camera on the hunting camera market is equipped with an 8x zoom that brings your hunt closer than ever. The new image stabilization technology removes the „shake” from the frame and allows you to shoot crystal clear shots with 4k 60 frames per second. The sleek, waterproof design features a screen, generates Wi-Fi and is compatible with a remote control.

Easy to use; One-touch operation with vibration indication makes it easy to operate the camera. This small hunting camcorder is equipped with an ultra-high-quality lens and a low-light sensor. Instead of using a fisheye lens that distorts images, Tactacam uses a unique lens design, providing a view similar to what we see with our eyes. Tactacam 6.0 now features an improved 8x zoom to bring your target closer than ever!

All this makes Tactacam 6.0 the best hunting video camera on the market.

8x zoom brings your hunt closer than ever

Mofdern touch screen display

Adjustable red dot function

Image stabilization

Capture crystal clear footage at 4k-60fps

One-touch operation with vibration indication

Sleek, waterproof design (up to 9m)

Ultra-high-quality lens that provides human-eye-like vision

Low-light sensor

Compatible with Tactacam remote control

Wi-Fi connection to smartphone via Tactacam App

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