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Peltor ProTac Hunter is an active hearing protector designed for hunters, providing an average attenuation level of 26 dB, a volume control function and the ability to work with external audio devices.

Peltor active protectors have microphones mounted in their canopies to hear ambient sounds. When the safe level of 82dB is exceeded, the electronic circuit turns off the microphones and the noise is suppressed. The protectors provide excellent protection against harmful impulse noise, while ensuring very clear and crisp hearing of ambient sounds, conversations and commands.

ThePeltor ProTac Hunter amplifies sounds below 82 dB, so you can hear much better in the protectors. Thanks to the advanced function of active speech amplification and the precise sound direction recognition sensor, hunters can locate game easier and faster. When impulse noise (such as a gunshot) occurs, the noise is automatically suppressed, allowing free communication and high situational awareness.

The ambient sound volume control can be set to one of five available levels. The use of an advanced electronic circuit eliminates the crackle that occurs in most low-cost shooting protectors on the market. The Peltor ProTac Hunter is equipped with a smooth sound reproduction circuit that prevents sudden drops in the level of sound heard.

The protectors are powered by two AA batteries (mounted in one canopy), which provide up to 100 hours of operation. An automatic battery-saving mode turns off the protectors after 4 hours when there is no activity.

Theelectronic system remembers the last volume settings and notifies you of low battery levels. Activation and volume adjustments are made using 3 large buttons. The Peltor ProTac Hunter have an audio input for connecting an external device such as a smartphone, mp3 or walkie-talkie.

The medium-sized earcups have a contoured shape that allows you to comfortably fold into a long gun. The wide, replaceable cushions isolate noise very well, are kind to the skin, and can be easily kept clean.

Profiled bail with comfort pad, evenly distributes pressure on the head, so the protectors can be worn for a long time without any discomfort.

The expandable design of the protectors makes it easy to adapt to the shooter’s anatomy.
Audio input
Folding headband
Hearing protection
Max. operating time [h min]
Type of hearing protection
Cell power supply
AA × 2
Weight [g]
3M Peltor, USA

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