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Peltor SportTac active hearing protectors, black and red
Peltor SportTacactive ear protectors are an excellent choice, as they primarily guarantee protection from noise. In addition, they give you the possibility to connect external audio-type devices and are equipped with a function to adjust the level of attenuation, so you can adjust it to individual needs. The protectors also feature a stylish design in black and red.

Active and effective hearing protection for active people
Theblack Peltor SportTac ear protectors are designed for people with active lifestyles, including mainly hunters and outdoorsmen. This model has built-in microphones, so you can easily hear sounds coming from outside. When the safe noise level of 85 dB is exceeded, the electronic circuit of the protectors turns off the microphones, while suppressing excessively high sounds. This action helps protect your hearing from harmful impulse noise and at the same time allows you to hear clear and distinct sounds from the environment.

Characteristics of Peltor SportTac hearing protectors
Peltor SportTac active hearing protect ors are powered by two AA batteries, which guarantee up to 600 hours of continuous use. An automatic battery-saving mode is responsible for shutting down the device after two hours when inactivity is detected. A built-in electronic circuit informs you when the battery level is low, which is very practical, as is the memory of the last volume setting. Operation of the ear protectors is very simple and is based on the use of 3 buttons. They can be used together with a smartphone or MP3 player.

Audio input
Folding headband
For whom?
for adults,
for hunters / for outdoorsmen
Hearing protection
Max. operating time [h min]
Protection level [dB].
Cell power supply
AA × 2
Weight [g]
3M Peltor, USA

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