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Geriausia stebėjimo kamera rinkoje su nemokamu Linckeazi appsu jūsų poreikiams patenkinti.

The new Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud is a digital transmitting and remote controlled game camera supporting the free LinckEazi cloud! The LinckEazi Cloud is a real surveillance command center for you, from which you control one or more cameras.

High-speed LTE 4G connectivity for fast, high-quality video transmission from your destination!

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LTE 4G technology transfers picture and video faster! LTE 4G technology transfers data up to half as fast as comparable 3G devices. Speed ​​is an asset, especially when high-quality footage is needed directly from the subject, for example in surveillance applications.

The new Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud is a digital transmitting and remote controlled game camera that supports the free LinckEazi cloud! The camera sends high-resolution pictures or videos to the free LinckEazi cloud service and, if necessary, to the user’s own email. You can choose from LinckEazi Cloud Service whether you want the camera to stream to the cloud or your email or both!


With the free LinckEazi cloud service, the Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera can be remotely controlled from your PC or via the free LinckEazi APP (Android, iOS) application. The LinckEazi cloud service allows you to control multiple cameras, where photos and videos are stored in the cloud on a user’s own account in camera-specific albums. From albums, you can easily browse the day’s events from different cameras and, if necessary, remotely change camera settings from LinckEazi cloud free of charge. You can also command the camera to take a picture or video and see them all from your own “central control room” – LinckEazi cloud.

LinckEazi WebPortal software APPs can be downloaded from the Google Play (Android phone) or App Store (iOS phone) for the keyword LinckEazi. Get free WebPortal software APPs to track and manage game cameras, even without a home PC!

The LinckEazi cloud service also saves you the cost of remote text messaging compared to a traditional remote-controlled game camera.

You can access the LinckEazi cloud service on your own computer via a web browser and / or on your own mobile phone via the Web Portal. Languages ​​in the language menu of LinckEazi Cloud; Finland, Sweden, Norway, England and Germany 

At the same time, LinckEazi Cloud Service provides you with the most important information about camera status, such as battery charge, SD memory card status, cloud memory status, etc.


Setting up LinckEazi cloud service is extremely easy. After creating a free user account, add your camera serial number and IMEI code to your camera. If your camera has a working 4G LTE connection (at least 100MB / s), the camera will connect directly to your account. After that, shooting can begin immediately!

The Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera automatically logs on to the operator’s network without complicated installation!

Watch the video link for installing LinckEazi HERE!


The Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera is automatically triggered by human or animal heat. It has a passive PIR motion detector that detects a radiant object in front of the camera. The remotely controlled game camera is suitable as a wildlife camera for capturing four-legged or winged wildlife. It can be installed as a surveillance camera to monitor unauthorized two-legged visitors, for example, to a cottage, site, home or office. Remote Controlled Game Camera keeps you up to date, wherever you are!

Delivering fast, high-quality footage, the Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud is the best game camera for the cottage or as a solution for wireless home surveillance. The price of a game camera is significantly cheaper than camera surveillance or other fixed-mount solutions. The camera surveillance sticker must be remembered when recording videos.

The camera automatically records high-resolution stills or video clips and sends them to LinckEazi cloud. Full HD and HD video is broadcast in 10sec and WVGA videos in 20sec. During the day, pictures and videos are recorded in color, and at night in black and white thanks to the infrared flash. The camera is designed for outdoor and indoor use all year round. The original image is always saved on the SD memory card in the camera.

Recordings (photo or video) are transmitted via high speed wireless 4G connection to the LinckEazi cloud service. You need to obtain a LTE 4G-enabled SIM card from the camera for transmission. The connection speed must be at least 100MB / sec. The camera supports frequencies: FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20; TDD-LTE: B38 / B40 / B41; WCDMA: B1 / B5 / B8; GSM: 900/1800

MENU The Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera menu is in Finnish and Swedish. Plus 8 other EU languages ​​(Danish, Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Czech). Easy-to-understand picture icons help you progress through a clear menu. The camera comes with clear user manuals in English that allow you to adjust the camera’s versatile settings as desired.

Versatile settings can be changed remotely at any time with the LinckEazi cloud service. The LinckEazi cloud service allows you to set the correct time zone on the camera and to subscribe to useful automatic alerts such as temperature alarm or low battery alarm. The camera can be easily transmitted as all SSL secure transmission settings of the most common operators are pre-programmed in the camera’s intelligence! Just insert the SIM card into the camera.

When the camera logs on to the network, it automatically retrieves the date and time from the network.

To send pictures or videos, the camera must be equipped with a 4G LTE connection (at least 100MB / sec). With a flat rate subscription, the camera allows you to upload content at an unlimited monthly rate. Incoming photos or videos go to the LinckEazi cloud service and copy to your own email or both!

Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud transmits images and videos via SSL encryption without the need for additional services, such as Telia, Elisa, Saunalahti, Saunalahti Pre-Paid, DNA and DNA Pre-Paid.

Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera comes with advanced remote control capabilities. The LinckEazi cloud service allows you to remotely change settings via your mobile phone using Web Portal software APPs or your computer from LinckEazi cloud service. Remote commands made remotely via cloud are free!

Common remote commands include image or video request, PIR motion detector delay adjustment, still mode vs video. The camera can be programmed Using the work schedule, it can be programmed to take pictures only at a specific time of the day, a week, or even to be completely deactivated or activated while you are at the cottage.

All remote camera commands can be sent via the LinckEazi cloud service and via your mobile phone via the Web Portal application, for free!

AUDIO Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud comes with stunning 20MP high resolution imaging. Pictures and videos can also be viewed on the camera’s own 2 ″ color display.

High quality Full HD (1080P) or HD (720P) and WVGA video recorded by the camera also record sound! The sounds are very useful in the control mode when you hear what dialect the speakers are talking about. The camera sends 1080P Full HD videos and 720P HD videos in 5 to 10 seconds and WVGA videos in 5 to 20 seconds to the owner’s LinckEazi cloud. With LinckEazi Cloud Service you can see the material (pictures / videos) uploaded by the camera so you can view them anytime, anywhere, on your mobile or PC!

Rotating videos in mp4 format support video playback on almost all smartphones, so there’s no need for a separate decoder to watch video on your smartphone’s screen. Optional video lengths are selectable from 5 sec to 60 sec. The camera transmits max 20sec video (WVGA) and the remainder is recorded on the SD memory card.

0.6sec trigger response The
Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera shoots objects with a quick 0.6sec trigger response. A quick shutter response is required when the subject is in motion. This function is particularly good when used for surveillance purposes, enabling fast, clear images of the subject. The sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted in levels: High, Automatic and Low. The PIR motion detector is positioned at a distance of approximately 16 meters perpendicular from the camera (human subject).

The camera’s own LCD screen is used to guide the camera in the field. You will see the intended shooting area directly on the camera’s own LCD screen before activating the camera. You know beforehand what area the camera was shooting and you don’t have to take time-consuming test shots in front of the camera and wait for the images to arrive on your mobile phone.

The sharp 2 ″ color display allows you to use a larger font in the menu. The camera’s menu menu uses a larger standard font, which makes it easier for readers to view and change the camera’s various menu settings, even for people who have reduced vision. The clear text font is also superb in bright weather outdoors!

Original high resolution pictures and videos stored on an SD memory card can be viewed on the spot on the in-camera 2 ”display. The device functions are easily programmed on site from the same 2 ”color display.

Images and videos recorded by Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud are stored on an SD memory card. The unit supports standard 1 to 64GB SD memory cards. 8GB to 32GB SD Memory Cards are available as an option in the Eränet range. The camera supports overwriting, whereby from the oldest end, the camera writes new recordings over the old ones should the SD memory card be accidentally filled. You can also turn off overwriting if necessary.

Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera features an ultra invisible, powerful 60 LED powerful infra black flash. A completely invisible flash is an absolute requirement if the sending game camera is also used for surveillance purposes in different locations.

The infra black flash automatically turns on at dusk and the game camera captures black-and-white night images or videos of the subject. The twilight sensor automatically turns off the flash during daylight hours, which normally captures subjects in color or video.

The flash output can be adjusted in the settings so that sometimes; High / Low power. Lower power is necessary if the camera is to be shot indoors and you need to avoid anti-reflection on the white wall. Flash range up to approx. 18m.

Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera comes with a weekly tool that allows you to schedule your camera in advance to capture a specific schedule every day of the week. The camera can be programmed for 4 different weeks at different hours with an active weekly scheduling program, allowing the camera to be active several times at different times of the day if necessary. This function is good if you want the camera to be active at night, for example, or to close during business hours.

3min – 24h Time Lapse
Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera can be pre-scheduled to take pictures at regular intervals, called TimeLapse. Time Lapse allows the camera to be preset to capture an area without motion detection by the PIR motion detector. Equalizer shooting can be set between 3min – 55min or 1h – 24h.

This function is good if you want to automatically capture a picture from the trap once a day, or if the camera is a cottage watcher, it can be remotely “turned off” and “turned on” with this feature while you are there.

Optionally, during Pitch shooting, the PIR motion detector can also be turned on to trigger a shot if a subject is to be captured. An image taken with a time slot is identified by a stamp (TL) on the image.

Each footer contains useful timestamp information, such as time, date, temperature, battery charge status, or motion detector triggered by shooting. You can conveniently monitor the battery charge from incoming images without any query.

Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera is also provided with a verkkopaikannuksella. Web positioning works with the prevalent carrier density positioning, which places the camera on the LincEazi cloud map when asked for Location. The denser the operator’s regional network, the more accurate the network positioning is.

Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud game camera comes with 12 AA AA batteries at a time. The camera also supports 6V external power supplies such as a battery or AC adapter. If you use an external battery cable or power supply, the front cover of the Uovision camera will open without first having to disconnect the cable entering the camera!

From the images sent by the camera, you can easily see the charge status of the batteries without further request. This feature allows you to easily monitor when it is time for your camera to change batteries.

MOUNTING The Uovision Glory LTE (4G) Cloud has versatile mounting options. The included wood fastening strap makes it easy to fasten around the tree trunk. Underneath the camera and the back cover are mounting threads for a possible wall mount. The mounting thread allows you to position and tilt the camera more accurately to suit your subject. The game camera lock has a separate lock port on the slider and an 8mm Ø slot on the back of the camera.

The handy weather protection developed by Uovision provides protection against rain and snow. Specially designed for weather conditions in Finland, the sturdy plastic weather cover protects your camera from dripping from the tree and the sky.

PROTECTION All Uovision game cameras have four-digit password protection in case the camera gets in the wrong hands.

Warranty for manufacturing and material defects 12 months (1 year). Product CE, FCC and RoHS approved. English manual included.

* High-speed picture and video broadcast LTE (4G) connections
* Sends a fast high-quality image material
* Easy to set up the hardware and send
* Free sturdy LinckEazi-cloud service for the remote-controllable and sending LTE (4G) game camera
* SSL secure connection for pictures and videos broadcast LinckEazi cloud
* Send your pictures and videos also to your own e-mail if needed
* Free remote control commands for changing settings via Web Portal or APPs from your mobile phone
* Versatile remote control commands with free LinckEazi cloud service
* Shooting modes: Still image, Video
*20MP High Definition Digital High Resolution Description
* Resolutions: 20MP / 16MP / 12MP / 8MP / 5MP / 3MP
* Video Resolutions: FullHD 1080P, HD 720P, WVGA
* Video Length: 5-60s
* Frame Rate: 1-10fps
* Shooting Response: 0.6s
* Diagonal Lens Angle: 58 °
* FOV10m (Field of View 10m): 7.72m
* Luminous Intensity: F2.2
* SD Memory Card Support: 1GB – 64GB (check compatibility with vendor)
* PIR Motion Detector: Multi Zone PIR up to 16m
* Adjustable PIR Motion hour sensitivity: High / Normal / Low
* PIR delay: 0s – 60 min.
* Timelapse: 3min-24h
* Timestamp: day, time, temperature, battery charge
* Programmable 7-day weekly tool for 4 different weeks (schedule in active hours)
* Flash with High Power LED technology: 60 LEDs
* Adjustable Infra Black Flash: 100% / 50% power control
* TFT color display: 2.0 „LCD (for viewing and programming images)
* Outputs: USB, 6V DC, SD memory card slot, SIM card slot
* Tripod mount screw on bottom and back of camera
* Password protection
*Network positioning location information, accuracy depends on density of operator masts
* Lockable: Lock clips in shell
* Included: strap, manual, 21cm flat LTE (4G) antenna
* Camo pattern: shown
* Black 21cm flat LTE (4G) antenna
* Weight: 47 )
* Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
* Operating humidity: 5% – 90%
* Weatherproof design, IP54 rating (no immersion in liquid)
* Batteries: 12pcs 1.5V AA (not included)
* Dimensions: 140mm x 95mm x 57mm
* Compatible with Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10)
*LTE 4G frequencies: FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B20; TDD-LTE: B38 / B40 / B41; WCDMA: B1 / B5 / B8; GSM: 900/1800

The camera is a separately available in a comprehensive range of necessary accessories:
*  8GB – 32GB SD memory cards
* „The area camera” stickers
* Sääsuoja plastic
* Wall mount
* Metal camera protection
* Game Camera Control
* Power cable for external power supply
* Uovision 6V batteries (7.5Ah and 12Ah)
* Uovision 6V battery charger
* Power supply 220V (indoor use)

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