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Hunt650 – lightweight and innovative high-end thermal imaging attachment with 640 sensor and 50mm lens from ThermTec
Your advantages in a brief overview of Hunt650:

➤ 3 year warranty on all ThermTec devices ➤ New! The latest and highly sensitive sensor in conjunction with the F1.0 aperture brings a system performance of ≤ 20 mK NETD ➤ New! Automatic RAV recording after recoil (11 seconds before and after recoil are automatically recorded and saved) ➤ New! Playback function directly via the display for saved RAV recordings, photos and videos ➤ New! An absolute lightweight at only 400 g, thanks to the magnesium housing ➤ New! Compact, only 129x65mm (without focus tower) ➤ New! Ring Bluetooth remote control for convenient menu operation ➤ New! New collimator lens and HD-OLED display: up to 12x magnification possible ➤ New! UI scaling: Menu display (user interface) can be flexibly adapted to the basic magnification of the rifle scope ➤ New! Integrated Li-ion battery with an operating time of up to 6 hours ➤ Adapter mount M52x0.75 standard thread ➤ 4 storage spaces for weapon profiles ➤ The focus tower design ensures precise and easily accessible focus adjustment ➤ Field of view width to 100 m = approx. 15.4 m ➤ Detection distance 2,600 m (human) ➤ Image and video recordings on internal 64 GB memory and transferable to end devices via WLAN ➤ Resolution of the microbolometer 640 x 512 pixels and 12 µm pixel pitch ➤ OLED display with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
⮞ Sensor with high thermal sensitivity of ≤ 20 mK NETD ⮜ Thanks to an extremely low NETD value of ≤20mK, even smaller differences can be resolved. This is particularly helpful in summer heat, when the temperature differences between game and the surrounding area are significantly smaller, or when there is higher humidity. The smallest details of objects and backgrounds can be easily and clearly recognized, e.g. animal hair, physical characteristics of male, female or pregnant animals, twigs, leaves, etc.

​⮞ Integrated AI technology with self-learning image calibration ⮜

The Hunt series features unique AI technology, which gives the device self-learning and adaptive properties to the environment. The device learns with every calibration. This learning process is permanently stored in the system, which subsequently leads to the image correction algorithm being optimized and the image stability extended without calibration. The data is processed in the background. After a short learning period, it is possible to obtain the image for up to an hour without device calibration and without loss of quality. This saves the hunter from having to make frequent image corrections, which can lead to the image freezing when aiming.

​⮞ RAV video recording in conjunction with the playback function ⮜

The Hunt series has a RAV video recording function, which generates automatic video recording. The weapon’s recoil saves 11 seconds before and after the shot. This allows you to control and analyze your shot and the point of impact. The ability to play this recording directly on your Hunt attachment immediately after the shot, without first connecting it to a device, can not only make the search easier, but also speed it up. Additionally, your special hunting moments are saved and captured forever!

⮞ New collimator lens: up to 12x magnification possible ⮜

The Hunt650 eyepiece system has a new collimator lens. Thanks to the new eyepiece system, the thermal imaging device can be used up to 12x magnification without any noticeable impairment in image quality. The new Hunt series has a permanently installed collimator lens, which ensures maximum stability when shooting and higher repeatability.

​⮞ An absolute lightweight at only 400 g ⮜

The Hunt series is extremely compact and, at just 400 g, is one of the lightest attachments on the market. Thanks to the magnesium alloy, the housing is not only light but also very stable. This makes attachments from the Hunt series the perfect companions on every hunt.

⮞ Extensive image settings ⮜ To better meet users’ different visual experience requirements, the new Hunt series offers sensor brightness , contrast , sharpness, anti-noise and display brightness in 10 levels each and four display backlights the colors gray, blue, purple and red. In addition, the device has 6 color palettes and a target outline mode.

⮞ Ring Bluetooth Remote Control ⮜

The Ring Bluetooth remote control with an ergonomic design can be attached to your finger or a rifle scope tube and allows convenient and direct access to all important functions. The entire range of functions is available to you, which makes operation much easier. In addition, the remote control can be charged quickly and easily using the included charging cradle.

The new Hunt650 is not just the big brother of the Hunt335, but also the absolute flagship from ThermTec. It can be mounted on your own day optics using the Rusan adapter and offers excellent target acquisition for demanding hunting experiences. Thanks to the MAR modular adapter and the viewfinder, you can have a monocular in seconds. Thanks to its performance, compact size and innovative functions, this device is ideal for anyone looking for a high-end device that leaves nothing to be desired. The device impresses with a powerful 640×512 pixel sensor and a manually focusable 50 mm lens. It can be used as a thermal monocular for searching or as an attachment for a daytime rifle scope for shooting. Thanks to the intelligent image algorithms and a sensitivity of only ≤ 20 mK , this thermal imaging device enables a large detection distance of up to 2,600 m and a field of view of approximately 15.4 m (at 100 m) . The integrated battery has enough capacity to enable 6 hours of operation . The battery can be charged flexibly via USB-C in the car or at any USB interface or with a USB power bank. The Hunt series offers 4 storage locations for different meeting point locations. Very practical if you want to use the attachment on different rifle scopes or preset them for different distances.

Color palettes

Warmth = Black ⮞ suitable for precise response
Warmth = White ⮞ best suited for precise response
Warmth = Green ⮞ provides relief for your eyes at night (can be deactivated in the quick menu)
Heat = Red ⮞ for quick discovery of the warmest sources (can be deactivated in the quick menu)
Warmth = Violet ⮞ ensures the display of cooler areas (can be deactivated in the quick menu)
Heat = Gold (can be deactivated in the quick menu)

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