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Product information
The InfiRay Affo AL25 thermal imaging camera is an absolute all-round device with a manually focusable 25mm lens, making it ideal for use in observation and wildlife monitoring. The ceramic sensor built into this thermal imaging camera is extremely sensitive and thus enables the detection of the smallest temperature differences. This makes it a perfect companion at night. The successor of the Xeye E3 Plus offers 5 color palettes, a VOx sensor with 12-µm technology and a digital zoom (4x). Equipped with this thermal imaging camera, they turn night into day. With the Infiray Affo AL25 you can detect animals up to distances of 1300m. Animals can be detected up to 200 m, depending on their size.

The thermal imaging device has a WLAN module. So you can transfer the thermal image via app to your mobile device. Furthermore, the thermal imaging camera now has a photo and video recording function (with 32 GB internal memory). Additionally, the device now has a picture-in-picture function, diopter adjustment for eyeglass wearers, and a Type-C HDMI video output for wired image transmission. Using the new ceramic VOx sensor, the thermal imager has extremely low power consumption and provides well over 7.5 hours of battery life. This allows for long stalks and follow up hunts as well as multiple hunts.

Included in delivery are:

InfiRay Outdoor Affo AL25 thermal imager
charging cable (USB) and power supply unit
video cable
instruction manual –
transport bag
lanyard and wrist strap
type: handheld
application: hiding, stalking & night stand
objective lens diameter (mm): 25
frame rate (Hz): 50
detector material: WLP VOx
detector resolution / pixel: 384 x 288
pixel pitch (µm): 12
NETD (@ 25 °C): < 40 mK shutter: auto & manual resolution / pixel: 640 x 480 (OLED) field of view (width x height): 10.5° x 7.9° field of view (m at 100 m): 18,4 identification (m): 217 optical magnification: 1,2x digital zoom: 1x - 2x - 4x detection range (m): 433 detection (m): 1.300 image-video storage (internal): yes (32 GB) WiFi transmission: yes video transmission: WLAN or USB IP protection class: IP67 focus: manual picture modes: black, white, red, rainbow, bird battery: integrated lithium-ion battery battery runtime in continuous operation: up to 7,5 hrs tripod connection: 1/4 inch measurements (l x w x h) in mm: 174 x 60 x 60 weight (g): 350 Product weight: 0,35 Kg Contents: 1,00 Piece


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