Stebėjimo kamera NITEforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K video

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NITEforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K video – wireless trail camera with free APP and remote control

NITEforce Outlaw trail camera is equipped with 30MP image resolution and 4K video! Pictures and videos are stored in the free APP, which allows you to change the camera settings remotely for free! The camera sends videos with a max length of 15 seconds with audio. Pictures and videos move with a fast 4G connection. Pictures and videos as well as remote control are easily done through the free LinckEazi APP.

NITEforce Outlaw is perfectly suited for trail camera use or surveillance use. It has a PIR motion sensor with a fast 0.2 seconds response that captures objects quickly! Aiming of the camera is extremely easy with the help of the 2″ forward looking LCD color screen, from which you can also change the camera’s Menu settings!

Fast 4G data transfer and good images is an absolute must if the camera is used for surveillance as a surveillance camera in a cottage, house or office. The small-sized and camo coated trail camera hides in the terrain and the environment easily. The camera supports up to 128GB SD memory card!

NITEforce Outlaw runs on 12 AA alkaline batteries, but if it is left in the field for a longer period of time, you can connect it to a 6V or 12V external battery. The external power port is compatible with 6V and 12V! With the help of the AC/DC power adaptor, you can have guaranteed power fex surveillance use in the house.

NITEforce Outlaw trail camera starts automatically due to thermal movement caused by a person or animal. It has a fast 0.2sec PIR thermal motion sensor that detects a heat-radiating object in front of the camera up to approx. 18 meters. The remote-controlled trail camera is suitable as a trail camera in nature. It can be installed as a surveillance camera to keep an eye on unauthorized guests fex at a cottage, construction site, home or office. The invisible infrablack flash is suitable for night photography and thanks to it, the location of the camera is not revealed.

The remote-controlled fast-transmitting wireless trail camera always keeps you up-to-date, no matter where you are!

NITEforce Outlaw uses the free LinckEazi APP. LinckEazi is a real surveillance command center from which you control and monitor one or more cameras at the same time. LinckEazi works on mobile devices using its own application APPs or through a computer browser. With the LinckEazi service, trail camera can be remotely controlled for free using your own computer’s web browser or from a mobile device using the APP (Android, iOS). It enables the control of several cameras, where images and videos are saved to the user’s own account in camera-specific albums. From the albums, you can easily browse the day’s events from different cameras and, if necessary, change the camera settings remotely. You can also tell the camera to take a picture or video at any time.

With LinckEazi APP, you save the price of SMS text messages caused by remote control compared to old-fashioned wireless trail camera that sends to e-mail. LinckEazi delivers remote commands to the camera for free! LinckEazi language options; English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, French and Czech. With LinckEazi, you can also see the most important information about the status of the camera, fex battery charge, memory card status, memory status etc. You can also turn the camera off and on (ON/OFF) remotely.

If necessary, you can use the LinckEazi APP to set up the further sending of the image material to 1-4 different e-mail addresses. The function is useful if, for example, you want to share the footage sent by the camera with a friend.

From the LinckEazi APP, you can also turn on the temperature alarm, if the camera has been left inside the cabin for monitoring tasks, for example, and you want to know if the temperature drops to freezing (freezing of water pipes).

Download the free LinckEazi Android APP HERE!
Download the free LinckEazi iOS APP HERE!

Setting up the LinckEazi service is extremely easy. After creating a user account, you add your camera to the service by entering or scanning the device’s serial number and IMEI code. If the camera has a working internet interface that supports 4G LTE connection (upload speed 5MB/s), the camera connects directly to your account.

NITEforce Outlaw trail camera logs into the operator’s network automatically without complicated installations. After this, imaging can start right away!


* A free remote controllable and transmitting LTE (4G) game camera that supports LinckEazi
* Ultra-fast image or video transmission with LTE (4G) connection (supports 3G / 2G network)
* Sends footage quickly from the destination with a 4G connection
* Shooting modes: Photo, Video, Photo+Video
* 30MP high resolution photography
* Image: 30MP / 24MP / 20MP / 16MP / 8MP / 5MP
* Video: 4K, 2.7K, Full HD 1080P, HD 720P, WVGA
* Video sounds: Yes
* Video length: 5 – 60s
* Length of uploaded video: 15sec WVGA
* Easy to install and ship
* SSL secured connection for sending pictures and videos
* If necessary, also sends a photocopy to 1-4 e-mails via LinckEazi
* Free versatile remote control commands for changing settings
* Invisible infrared black flash
* Camo pattern (pictured)
* Black 17cm long flat LTE (4G) power antenna
* Weight: 493g (without batteries)

Includes: NITEforce Outlaw camera, 17cm power antenna, free Android & iOS APPs online, English instruction manual

A comprehensive selection of necessary accessories available separately:
* Solar power panel battery
* 16GB SD memory cards
* Wall mount
* Trail camera lock
* Power cord for external power source


Network support: LTE 4G (3G & 2G supported)
Image resolutions: 30MP (24MP, 20MP, 16MP, 8MP, 5MP)
Video resolutions (with sound): 4K, 2.7K, Full HD (1080P), HD (720P), WVGA
Video length: 5 – 60 sec
Max sent video length: 15 sec
Image pulse: 1-10 images
940nm infrared black flash: Yes
Lightning range: 18m
PIR motion sensor range: 18m
PIR motion sensor response time: 0.2 sec
PIR motion sensor sensitivity adjustment: Yes
PIR motion sensor delay adjustment: 0 sec – 60 min
Lens: F1.8
FOV (Diagonal Field of View): 58°
FOV at 10 meters: 7.72 m
Constant time shooting setting: 1 min – 24h
LCD color display: 2″
4 week work schedule: Yes
Color daily photos and videos: Yes
Black and white night photos and videos: Yes
Time stamp on images: Yes
Camera naming in pictures: Yes
Moon cycle in pictures: Yes
Temperature in images: Yes (°C / °F)
Camera color pattern: Camo / Olive
Camera mounts: Belt mount / separate locking cable
Camera thread (bottom & back): 1/4″-20
Batteries: 12 AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
External 6V – 12V power port: Yes (6V or 12V battery or AC adapter)
SD memory card support: 2GB – 128GB
Weather resistance: IP66
Operating temperatures: -20°C … +60°C
Operating air humidity: 5% – 90%

Warranty for manufacturing or material defects 12 months (1 year).

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