Veiksmo kameros TACTACAM laikiklis FTS

FTS yra tvirtinimas TACTACAM 4.0 ir 5.0 kameroms prie dieninės optikos, kad galėtumėt užfiksuoti šūvi ir netik.


Į norų sąrašą
With the AGV you film through your riflescope.
In addition to the enlargement of your Tactacam, the enlargement of your
Rifle scope for impressive shots over long distances.
Fits most riflescope lenses (various adapters included)
For left and right-handed users.
Shorten the eye relief by only approx. 35 mm.
Suitable for all Tactacam models (Solo, 4.0 and 5.0)
Usually you use the AGV for the models 4.0 and 5.0
since you adjust the camera there via the Tactacam APP and the
The shots can be made using a tablet or smartphone
watch and record
Ideal for sniper, long range shooting and hunting
and training on weapons and for authorities and the military
Excellent image quality even at extremely long distances.
Here is a link to the product:
You can still find many videos on YouTube or
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