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Liemke KEILER-2 thermal imaging camera
Distance specialist in the premium segment with a 50 mm objective lens and 15.4 m field of view
2,500 m detection range for the field hunter

Brilliant image quality with high-resolution 640×512 pixel 12μm VOX sensor and 50mm f/1.0 lens

The sophisticated image processing software and two quickly switchable image modes for different observation conditions ensure a natural-looking image with very good detail recognition even in different weather conditions. Five color modes allow for application according to individual preferences.

Intuitive and individual operation

The operation of the KEILER-2 is very intuitive and can be controlled via the centrally located scroll wheel. The menu navigation can be customized with standard, custom, and basic modes as well as the quick menu, so you can quickly access frequently used functions. Even in complete darkness, you can find all the important buttons thanks to the excellent tactile feedback. The device is ready for use within five seconds!

The KEILER-2 also offers multimedia connectivity and can be easily connected to the LIEMKE app via the WiFi function. Images and videos can be conveniently saved, allowing you to capture your hunting experiences permanently.

The eyepiece can be adjusted for use with or without glasses, so you can always keep an overview. Even in difficult situations, unrestricted observation is possible, as no exact distance to the eye needs to be maintained.

For a secure grip, the KEILER-2 has a wrist strap for easy and safe handling with both the left and right hand. The optional neck strap attachment equips the KEILER-2 for every hunting situation!

Long battery life, compact & robust

The KEILER-2 has a long-lasting interchangeable battery with up to nine hours of battery life. With the quick charging function using a USB-C charger, the battery is fully charged within three hours. The battery is silent and easy to replace with the bayonet lock, and with the CHARGER-K as an optional accessory, it can be used as a power bank at the same time.

Robust aluminum is used for the lens, eyepiece unit, and frame. The glass fiber reinforced plastic body and durable rubber inserts make it possible to use the device even under the most adverse conditions. Even short dives (30 minutes at 1m water depth) are no problem.

Technical data

Detector and Optics
Objective lens: 50 mm f/1.0
Field of view: 15×12.3m/100 m
Resolution and type: 640×512 VOx
Pitch detector: 12 μm
Pixel field of view/PFOV: 0.24 mrad
Detection range: 2,500 m
Frame rate: 50 Hz
NETD: 50 mK
Magnification: 2.7x base magnification (digital zoom up to 14x)
Focusing Range: 1m to infinity
Display: 1024×768px OLED

Features and Media
Internal Memory: 32 GB
Wifi and App Compatibility: Yes
Battery Life: up to 9 hours
External Power Supply: USB-C

Physical and Environmental Characteristics
Size: 163 x 75 x 56 mm
Weight: 510 g
Waterproof: IP67 (dustproof/waterproof for short-term immersion)
Operating/Storage Temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C / -40 °C to +70 °C

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