Veiksmo kamera SHOTKAM GEN 3

Veiksmo stebėjimo kamera su tašku, sekti savo pataikymui, komplekte laikiklis tik 12 kalibro ginklams.


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especially for the ambitious shotgun
shooter , the training on the shotgun for hunters and sport shooters and hunting with the rifle in close range up to a maximum of 50 meters on driven hunts.

Optimizes your shooting behavior, the lead and the technique to perfection.

The ShotKam is the ultimate training device to lead you to success!

Developed by a family from California with shotgun shooting in their blood,
the ShotKam is the ultimate training tool.

Weatherproof and durable, the ShotKam is the most powerful training camera on the market.


180g in weight,
cylindrical shape, 12 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter
Full HD camera with 1080p and 100pps (frames per second)
Own app with intuitive operation
Automatic recording thanks to recoil
detection ShotKam APP for programming, correcting and recording and viewing the films. Scope of


1 x hard case
1 x ShotKam camera
2 x protective caps orange
1 x USB charger
1 x Allen key
1 x adapter for shotgun barrels of size 12
1 x operating instructions

Adapter for shotgun barrels from 410 GA to 16 GA and rifles, ZF mounts available from us on request .

For hunting at greater distances through to long range shooting and hunting
the TactaCam 5.0 is the better choice.

Here are a few YouTube links to introduce the ShotKam, the shooting range and the hunt:

https: //

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