Termovizorius Infiray CL35M

Aukštos vaizdo kokybės termovizorinis monoklis, ne priedelis prie optikos, saugus medžioklėje. Keičiami CR123 standartiniai arba pakraunami akumuliatoriai, taippat, komplekte eina prailginimas 16650 kraunamiems akumuliatoriams, dar ilgesniam tarnavimo laikui. Termovizorius pakeisiantis E3MAX modelį.

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The Infiray Xeye CL35Mis a purely hand-held thermal imaging device suitable for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and rescue workers. The device has a 35 mm lens with manually adjustable focus for focusing. The sharpness can easily be set directly on the device head. The color display can be selected depending on the situation via the numerous color display schemes, thus creating the possibility of adapting the device individually to the user and the environment. This device also has a sensor with Ultra Clear technology installed, which ensures very good performance and image sharpness. The sharp contrast of the device and the many setting options make it adaptable to any situation and the function is also given in bad weather conditions. Thanks to the highly sensitive sensor, the device perceives temperature nuances of less than 40 micro-Kelvin (NETD). The smaller this value, the better the results the device delivers, since the temperature facets can be better delineated. The image details are shown better and can be used with e.g. B. decide a hunter about success and failure. The transmission of video and image material can be transmitted in real time to mobile devices via the device app.

Technical specifications
Lens Ø: 35 mm
Sensor Technology: Vanadium Oxide (VOx, sunproof)
Sensor: 384×288 pixels
optical magnification: 2.4x
Detection range: 1283 m
Frame Rate: 50Hz
Field of view: 10.7° x 8.0°
Field of view at 100 m: 18.6 m
Detector: ≤40µK
Pixel pitch: 17µm
Memory: 32GB
Protection class: IP66
Dimensions (LxWxH): 160x61x61 mm
Weight: 400g

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